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Dr. Salman Ghani

Consultant Respiratory Physician and Lung Cancer Specialist,

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  • IMPRESS BTS award , staff recognition at the Heart of England charity community award i


  • GMC 5160764 5160764 12/12/2010

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About Dr Salman Ghani

Introduction of Dr. Salman Ghani Dr. Salam Ghani is a Consultant Respiratory & Lungs cancer, he is among the best Consultant Respiratory Lungs cancer. He is highly qualified and possess wealth of experience in field of respiratory medicine and he has special interest in Lung Cancer management. Dr. Salman Ghani FRCP has been consultant respiratory physician at the University Hospitals Birmingham. He is the Respiratory lead for the Solihull Hospital, running three Respiratory clinics. He chairs weekly Respiratory Radiology meeting at Solihull Hospital. He is deputy lead lung cancer physician in UHB. He is chair of interstitial lung disease MDT at SHH. Since 2005 when the Community Respiratory Team in Solihull was initiated, there has been a very close working relationship with himself at Sol hull Hospital. The integrated approach has developed over time and has been so successful. As a result of a successful integrated approach to care the team the award was given (BTS December 2008) for innovation in respiratory care by IMPRESS, a joint initiative between the British Thoracic Society and General Practice Airways Group. He charge GBP 200 respectively as the consultation fees. He offers Face to Face and online video meeting through .If you wish to book online meeting with him you can press the book button. It's really simple to reach him. On the off chance that you need to see him eye to eye you can undoubtedly book his arrangement from this web portal also. Education MBBS-FRCP (London), FRCPI (Ire), FCCP (USA) Services • Chest Disease • Cough with Viscous Sputum Condition Treated Consultant Respiratory Physician and Lung Cancer Specialist, Introduction of Lungs Cancer Lung cancer is cancer that starts in the cells that make up the lungs. Many other types of cancer, such as breast or kidney, can spread (Metastasize) to the lungs. When this happens, the cancer is not called lung Cancer. This is because cancer is named for—and treatment is based On—the site of the original tumor. For example, if breast cancer Spreads to the lungs, it will be treated as metastatic breast cancer, not lung cancer. What does the lungs Cancer do? Your lungs are part of the respiratory system, a group of organs and tissues that work together to help you breathe. The respiratory system's main job is to move fresh air into your body while removing waste gases What are the diseases of Lungs Cancer? A new cough that doesn't go away. Coughing up blood, even a small amount. Shortness of breath. Chest pain. Hoarseness. Losing weight without trying. Bone pain. Headache. Introduction of respiratory physician A respiratory physician (respiratory and sleep medicine specialist) is a medical professional who specializes in diagnosing, treating and preventing conditions and diseases affecting the respiratory (breathing) system. What does the respiratory Physician do? Doctors in respiratory medicine diagnose and treat conditions affecting the respiratory (breathing) system, ie the nose, throat (pharynx), larynx, the windpipe (trachea), the lungs and the diaphragm. What are the diseases of respiratory physician? • Chest pain or tightness. • Dizziness, lightheadedness or fainting. • Difficulty breathing, especially during exercise. • Fatigue. • Wheezing. • Recurring or chronic bronchitis or colds that impact your respiratory system. • Asthma that isn't well-controlled, or has unidentified triggers.

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How can I book an appointment with Dr. Salman Ghani ?

Click HERE to book an appointment with Dr. Salman Ghani . Or, you can also call at from 9 AM to 11 PM to book appointment with Dr. Salman Ghani .

How much does Dr. Salman Ghani charge & how do I pay?

Dr. Salman Ghani Rs. 2,000 - 2,100 for consultation. You will pay at the reception when you visit the doctor. There are no additional charges when you book through Doctors For Health.

What is the experience of Dr. Salman Ghani ?

Dr. Salman Ghani has of experience.

What is the feedback of Dr. Salman Ghani ?

100% users had a positive experience with Dr. Salman Ghani .

What is the education of Dr. Salman Ghani ?

Dr. Salman Ghani has the following degrees: MBBS-FRCP (London),FRCPI ( Ire), FCCP (USA)